Paternity Department

Paternity Department

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The Paternity Department has one Supervisor and three clerical employees who also function as the Abuse Prevention Department. This department is responsible for all case processing and docketing of Paternity and Abuse cases. There are approximately 25 new cases and 50 papers filed each day. This Department is also responsible for the DOR (Department of Revenue) case processing during Block time.

Paternity cases are any case in which the parents of a child are NOT married. Once an Adjudication is Ordered, the Department is also responsible for the sending forms to the Division of Vital Statistics.

Types of Cases that this Department processes are listed below:
Complaints for Paternity

Complaints for Support, Custody and Visitation

Modifications of Foreign Decree

UIFSA – Responding

UIFSA – Initiating

Paternity in Equity